KillaVee's Debut @ Winter '10 Houston Sneaker Summit

I have been attending the Houston Sneaker Summit
for quite some yrs now,
back then it was in the most low key venue.
It was a smaller crowd and was very concentrated with true sneaker "Heads" lol

My first time there was like a kid at a candy store.
That's when exclusive sneakers were in the purest form,
I even remember thinking to myself...
"It would sooooooooooo cool if I could be a part of this event and sell my tees!
people would appreciate them more here then from the trunk of my car!
Well, at least that's what my father kept suggesting. ha ha.

This time around this was possible thanks to a couple of very important people.
One of them being January Blaq* a very talented music artist.
Check him out, you won't regret that you did.

It is crucial to keep your goals in perspective & work towards that,
nothing is impossible.
One great dude I met n spoke to that made such a huge impact on me is the inspiration and motivation to keep creating, was Levi Maestro.
Who knew he would be the nicest n sweetest! THANKS for the shirt, Levi.

My journey is not yet finished, I am just getting started.

To all the folks that supported KillaVee's: THANK YOU!
You are truly, greatly appreciated. I have more in store for you;
Definitely expect new limited items and designs
this summer, for we're coming harder & better prepared.
We will have goodies for all.

Side Note:
The online store will be up & running within a few weeks.
It will include paintings, bracelets,
and of course, Men's & Women's tees.
If you have any questions
or if you'd like for us to contact you
when anything new happens w/us, email me
@ 8killavees@gmail.com

Extra side note:
We have only a few remaining tees
of the designs we sold at the Sneaker Summit,

Remember there are only 25 of each design!
no more. no reprints. Get em while they last.

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