Marie Claude Marquis Painting.

Oil Painting.

NY- Z: Jay-Z Behind the Scenes Documentary

Continuing to collaborate with creative visionaries, ABSOLUT Vodka presents this new 15-minute short film featuring Jay-Z. The documentary, titled NY-Z, was directed by Danny Clinch and paints a rare portrait of the global hip-hop icon. With unprecedented access to Jay-Z the days and moments leading up to, and after, his legendary September 11th benefit concert at Madison Square Garden, Danny Clinch gives us an intimate glimpse into Jay-Z: his childhood, his motivation as an artist, his passion for music, and his muse, New York.

More info on this link.

Killin me softly.

I go to sleep to Nujabes.

Civic Duty Spring 2010 Sneakers

Dear Spring,
Thank You for bringing such cool friends along with you this year.
Sincerely, Vee

Made of super duper durable tyvek, Civic Duty sneakers is a new line.
With sleekness this lightweight sneaker is great for the summer.


I can't call it, because I'm confused.

What is wrong with this picture???

Hella Bold Bitxxh

Hellz Bellz Spring 2010 Collection Delivery1


Maestro Knows - Episode 5

Maestro Knows - Episode 5 Hawaiian Vacation

I can count on always taking something positive, inspiring, or motivating from Maestro's videos with me.

Thank you for translating your energy to the rest of us.


Just Right.

If you know "Vee", You know Common is on the top of her list. This is a GO! Did she ever tell you she was gonna pursue a career in Physical Therapy in her younger days? She is interested about this Movie. She told me so.

Directed by: Sanaa Hamri
Starring: Queen Latifah, Common, Paula Patton, Phylicia Rashad, Pam Grier, James Pickens, Jr.
In theaters May 14th.


Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce - "Telephone"

she does it.
The woman known to be extra, extra everything. Who? well, who else...
Lady Gaga.
Although she is her own artist, as she progresses and makes new music somehow it appears to me that a new Madona is Born.
Nonetheless, I have respect for her work. She manages to stay on top.
*Thumbs Up* Lady!
The two filmed the video a few of weeks ago in Los Angeles. The clip was directed by Jonas Akerlund, who directed Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” short film, and features a cameo from singer/model/actor, Tyrese Gibson.

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Inspirational Bliss #3

Special Thanks

Today I took a minute to remember a very special occasion.
Also to reach out to that special young lady that bought my painting. I have tremendous appreciation for you. Where ever that you are, if you come across my blog....
email me @ 8killavees@gmail.com.
I couldn't thank you enough.


U-N-I ft. Miguel - "Lately"

@Thurzday @migmoney @YonasAfrica

Honestly, I see these Dudes are making it pretty far.
Good Luck to YoThurz!!!! lol ... =)

Side Note:
The have a pretty awesome blog,
and their most recent album A LoveSupreme 2.0 is availiable on iTunes.

Lupe Fiasco, Kenna, Mike Shinoda - Resurrection

Directed by: IllusiveMedia.com, Shomi Patwary, Robert Elliott Simmons
Production Assistant: Justin Partain, Philip Ly, Charley Feher, Jay McCord

Photography Provided By: Creative Commons, The Red Cross, United Nations, UNICEF




Bright Young Thing

Alicia Keys on the cover, and
Amber Rose featured in Gotham Magazine for the Sping Fashion March Issue in the article
"Bright Young Thing"Up-and-coming new yorkers.

FROM TOP: Tim Morehouse, Amber Rose, Jason Rogers

Tim Morehouse, Olympian, model, writer, Teach for America alum

What I love about NYC: I grew up here and the one thing that never gets old is the people. The diversity, creativity, passion and heart of this town are unparalleled.
Working on: Writing my fi rst book, trying to win the fi rst US gold medal in men’s fencing history at the 2012 London Olympics and inspiring as many people as I can to achieve their goals and dreams
Twitter: @timmorehouse

ON MOREHOUSE: Jacket, Brioni ($4,150). 57 E.57th St., 212-486-0500. Shirt, Dior Homme ($390). 17 E. 57th St., 212-421-6009. Bow tie, Dolce & Gabbana ($175). 827 Madison Ave., 212-249-4100

Jason Rogers, Olympian, model, humanitarian

What I love about NYC: It’s one of the finest cultural intersections of art, music, fashion and people on the planet. The frenetic energy can be exhausting, but if you can harness it, there are no limits to what you can accomplish and experience.
Working on: Aiming to make history by winning the first US [Olympic] gold medal in men’s fencing history, building my career in fashion, taking acting classes and working with the humanitarian group Right To Play
Twitter: @jasonrogersusa

ON ROGERS: Suit, Dior Homme ($2,510). 17 E. 57th St., 212-421-6009. Shirt, Moschino ($310). 401 W. 14th St., 212-243-8600

Amber Rose, Model

What I love about NYC:
The restaurants, the bright lights, the fashion. I feel so lucky to live here.
Working on: A few fashion projects
Twitter: No Twitter

ON Rose: Dress, Moschino ($3,495). 401 W. 14th St., 212-243-8600. Earrings, rings and cuff (prices on request), all by Donald Huber.Visit donaldhuber.com. Booties, Giuseppe Zanotti Design ($2,790). 806 Madison Ave., 212-650-0455


How to Make It in America Ep.3 + 4

Episode 3 & 4
Watch it HERE

Kid Cudi for Calvin Klein

I stumble upon sites all the time..=D
If you do not understand this statement I cant tell you, because if I tell you, I have to shoot your elbow with an AK... No, really!
[Back to original subject]

Kid Cudi models for Calvin Klein. Photographed by Lizz Kuehl during late 2009.
Truthfully: I didn't quite see that coming. Although I already see him braking barriers.
2 Thumbs Up.


Lady Gaga

and.. another one.

Kelis - Acapella

Pics of her Friday, February 26 performance @ Eve Nightclub inside Crystal City Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Via. JJ


I give her a 2.1 for Effort.