"... with eyes fixed in the hirizon..."



Garage Sale in Never Ever Land

So apparently the King of Pop is now almost bankrupt...
So he is auctioning around 2,000 of his belongings for a not soo yuuu hoooo price.
This signed oil painting of MJ as a king is between £2,800 and £4,200 or equal to $

Michael's signature gloves covered in Swarovski loch rosen crystals -worth £4,000 to £4,500 Michael Michael.... tsk. ummm umm. who would've known!


smile. XD, =D
more info @

Original Faxe x Neighborood

S/S 2009
Neighborhood and Original Fake collab on a small collection that include
denim, tees, shirts,a bandanna
& a tie...

Blazin' back into the past

Once upon a time my love were Nike Blazers,
I was so infatuated with their beauty, my eyes watered.
Have you ever had the Stussy Blazer insight. ahhh man. One of the Holy Grail of sneakers.

It feels like you travel to a waterfall with chirping birds n glowing wild flowers with a steady mist that gently caresses your face. LIKE HEAVEN. (not an exaggeration)

Get a load of these.

So since you know you lookin kinda hard. look out for Vintage BLazers coming out this February.

Free Download. DJ Deckstream

Life is Good Ft. Mos Def
Thank Mr. Kanye West's blog for the download, ha


A New Era

N.E. has a new launched their "new era" of apparel. Check it out.
Its now in stores.
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Kid Robot in Soho, NYC

Appearances’ from Consequence, Sket 1, Pon, Huck Gee and many more


Sitting Sideways.

Gourmet is releasing this new innovating simple-design sneaker featuring a diagonal lacing.
Gray suede with canvas material hints on the heels.
More updates, I'll keep you posted!
Release: Fall 2009.


Invade a Rubik's cube

How awesome is this artist?
Pixelated things have been blowing my mind,
but this...
WOW. The most impressive thing is ... made of Rubik's cubes.
He uses up to 800 Rubik’s cube blocks to create each detailed work of art
working with only a 6-color palette.Invader maneuvers each cube to get the finished result. He has recreated famous images & painting such as Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup, along with historic events such as the tragic attacks on the Twin Towers during 9/11. He has also recreated celebrities like Stanley Kubrick, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, & more. It can take up to 48 hours to just twist the Rubik’s cubes, in to the required position.
i give kudos to Invader for his undeniable skill patience & creativity.


Mirror Mirror ...

I wasn't getting enough of the pumas, Sooo
this is one is for the premium an limited edition feigns...
Look! the 5th and limited pair from the Puma's pack. These are in mirror gold leather will also release on the 7th of Feb. So now take a fix...only in limited #'s exclusively at UNDFTD shops.
Undefeated in Tokyo, La Brae location, & Los Angeles: 24 pairs a piece.
the additional 24 pairs will be split up among the 3 other UNDFTD shops
in Las Vegas & Los Angeles.


The "24k collection"
Undefeated is the perfect word for
the feeling these give you when
your SOLE reaches the inside of these Pumas.
Release Date:
February 7th
Locations :
UBIQ (Philly), Classic Kicks (NYC), ALIFE (NYC), Atmos (NYC), Major (DC), Premium Goods (Houston), Leaders (Chicago) and Bodega (Boston).


Out of Jokes?

Kat Williams

I don't know about you...

I'm feelin' a little hostile environment aura around here!

Barbara Bui

Barbara Bui makes some bad shoes...
+ the handbags, and apparel.
Another High Fashion designer...
still goes unnoticed.
...after studying art she changed the subject and a native Parisienne industry and has dedicated herself opening her first boutique "Kabuki" just for fashion. She worked collection after collection, but only since her first accessories line, it is the tip of the Paris fashion scene. With dark colors in traditional materials such as leather and wool are especially their bags and shoes for the new must have Girls from Fashion World. .
Predicate: "artistically very valuable." „k√ľnstlerisch sehr wertvoll“.
or ...
arm & a leg for these. LOOK while you can.