Thinking outside the box, but inside the window.

Vuitton & Murakami's : Multicolored "Wrapped"


Lanvin's Windswept Fashion

J. Crew's Sweet Ice Cream

Maison Hermès Window Display by Tokujin Yoshioka

Calvin Klein's Pillow Talk Cases

Bergdorf Goodman Post-It Art

Apple for iPod Hi-Fi

The Apifera window installation for Selfridges Store

These creative window displays will stop anyone in their tracks.
As a mix of art, fashion, design and marketing,
they not only have to quickly grab our attention they must compel us to enter a store.
As window displays have started becoming more like amazing art installations or fantastic scenes from a movie, we can only imagine the time spent beforehand - conceptualizing, planning and installing.
How wonderful is it, though, when your art comes to life...like this?

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