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i just loooooove pixels.

artists of the week.

Ron English

Marc-Anthony Polizzi
This reminds me of The Blue Print 3 cover.

The Sea

Corinne Bailey Rae

is set to release her new album, The Sea.

The album will be her sophomore album and her first since 2006. Corinne has kept to herself since the 2008 death of her husband, Jason Rae, and appears to be eager to get back to work. The Sea is scheduled to be released January 26th in the US and February 1st in the UK.

I cant wait to see what she has instored. She is one of the best singers in my opinion!


The Lady in RED

Converse (PRODUCT)RED Leather Jacket Chuck Taylor All Star

Get a load of those sexy ass shoes,
I've been in the search for a simply detailed n clean looke pair of sneaks like these. plus is all for a cause,
why not?
Shoes will retail for $200 and will be available in unisex sizing. effin rite my size!!
Ten percent of the net wholesale price of the shoe will go to The Global Fund help eliminate AIDS in Africa, giving consumers an opportunity to become agents of change


Beyonce Ft. Lady Gaga - "video Phone"

Video Phone Remix’ directed by Hype Williams.
Here we go again B.
Another one for the many "I thik i look good in my freakum dress freaks" that
like to pull evey one of their mottos from Byonce's songs...
Other then that.
I see alot of Water Guns/ -_-
& Betty the pin-up inspired look.
I like the way Gaga looks but im not sure this is where she fits in.
Not a bad feature, i'm pleased,
I wonder how Gaga n Riri would do on a video together, but hten that might be too much for your eyes. anywho,
props to them.


Change Player Size Watch this video in a new windowWiz Khalifa ft. Kev tha Hustler - Hello Kitty (On the Pill)

"Time means nothing, as long as you use it

I SEE what you're saying!

The Eyewriter from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

I have the utmost respect and admiration for this man. He used to be a very skilled graffiti artist and is now paralyzed except for his eyes. While watching this video I came upon the same conclusion i have been twirling around in my head for the past week. what is it?... I'm not fully sure yet. but it stands for something like ...

fulfill what you can while you can.

Peace, Love, n EYES!


oooh nooo WTH?

Air Jordan 8 Force Fusion

wow. they are taking this tooo far.
the whole fusion is a mistake.
The very first pair seemed somewhat of a controversy & so not much negativity was built towards this idea.. but DAMN,
You are sooo not serious ....
But then again i guess Jordan has been where others having..
When on the release days people where waiting at the mall
before the store opened,
just to get a pair.
im not discouraging any of you that
might be thinking about making this purchase but dont be a Label Whore.
its not attractive.
Get them because you truly desire to have them because of your personal taste...
Excluding the fact there will be people lookin down n mumblin to them selves.
they might not always be saying something positive about you.
Well at least not about these.
I personally think these are hideous,
they look like a Cross between Fake Fubu's version of forces
& the light up shoes your grandma used to get you from the flea market.
(no diss intended) so think about it before you look at these "fusion" joints.
for your own sake!

Vlogs.. =]

its seem soo. the vidoes have been taking over the blog lately...

no worries, soon enough I'll be back to normal. Random as always. Thanks!! ;]

Kid Sister - " Right Hand Hi"

"Right Hand Hi" Directed by Sarah Chatfield From the album Ultraviolet Available 11/17/09 on Downtown / Universal Republic


Lady Gaga - "Bad Romance"

As Scary as she looks, somehow she manages to be at the top of shit. Its like they took her from the runway n gave her an evil touch. she is quite an interesting artist. I personally do not like her image is too weird for my taste. but there are certain things that remind me of Cruella De Vil.

here's another example.. ha. in person. Lady Gaga would be the perfect person for this role. ha. I'm envisioning it! That woman is evil.


Wally-Hermes Yachts

Honestly, this design is impeccable outta this world. With very clean details & smart features. BUT, it seems like a yacht from a horror movie.

Maybe it would be called. Final Destination Aboard. Ummmm, no. I'll pass. The tail part of the yacht is not even covered with rails no barriers, i couldn't ride that yacht with kids around. hell nah...

It's certain death. Other than that its very futuristic n elegant. Great Job on the design.


Lil Wayne: The Carter Documentary (Trailer).


Shakira ft. kid cudi - Did it again

Free download, HERE

Building from the ground up!

James May is (presenter of Top Gear and his own show To Stories) he just wanted a house made of legos.
It was designed by architect Barnaby Gunning and rests on the grounds of a wine estate, how convinient. With a lil wine chillin in your lego's house.
"Unfortunately, the more than 2 million lego blocks used were torn down just a few weeks after they went up for the completion of his show. Legoland would have taken it but the cost of transportation was too great for something that never intended to be permanent in the first place. What a fucking waste! " =\

.. you should have let the kids do that.

via. MOB


ok so im like 30 yrs late, but better late then neve, huh??//