oooh nooo WTH?

Air Jordan 8 Force Fusion

wow. they are taking this tooo far.
the whole fusion is a mistake.
The very first pair seemed somewhat of a controversy & so not much negativity was built towards this idea.. but DAMN,
You are sooo not serious ....
But then again i guess Jordan has been where others having..
When on the release days people where waiting at the mall
before the store opened,
just to get a pair.
im not discouraging any of you that
might be thinking about making this purchase but dont be a Label Whore.
its not attractive.
Get them because you truly desire to have them because of your personal taste...
Excluding the fact there will be people lookin down n mumblin to them selves.
they might not always be saying something positive about you.
Well at least not about these.
I personally think these are hideous,
they look like a Cross between Fake Fubu's version of forces
& the light up shoes your grandma used to get you from the flea market.
(no diss intended) so think about it before you look at these "fusion" joints.
for your own sake!

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