I'm Blazin HOT

Nike Blazer Mid. "BLAZE OUT"
How about it?
Ribbed white sole,
Front half is constructed from leather
Rear half is made from a dark red, shiny nylon
Swoosh design features a smaller Swoosh in black near the heel
rear orange swoosh tab..
ENJOY ....
the blazers have always been my front-runner..
for its classic, clean, & simple characteristics
but man I dunno about that no more..
MOST of the POSERS have caught onto it
& I JUST...i hate that shit.

Do we really want to dissipate such classic shoe as the Blazer?
...or in the same breath is misuse it?

create yr own steez people.
man com'on..

OK so i got a Lil outta hand but it upsets me that
there is a nonstop inadequate sense
of uniqueness in the street wear culture...
UGH.. =\

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