V V Brown.

Crying Blood

I get a different feel from her music .
she got talent for days...

She's a singer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, performer, song writer,

*taking a deep breath.

So she does it all.

Its the "Vee's"


New Music.

Justin Timberlake x Ciara

Lily Allen - Not Fair


Draft Punk- Something About Us

This is a GOOD one.

Look. Listen.

5&A DIME New Arrivals

Belmont PM

get away from the crowd
& look into different shoe brands.
this is a good example for the basic lifestyle shoe wearin folks..
Hellz Bellz..
Instict Jacket

Well worth this price. Great quality.
Intricate details. Ladies you need to get the game up that hella killa style.
they don't play.
I don't lie.
all @...

5&A Dime
701 8Th Ave
San Diego CA 92101

The Night Rider

Jessie Kennedy x MTTM
The heather shirt.
Blonds vs. Brunettes


Sleeping Beauty

"Rest in Peace" shirt.
One of my latest creations.
more updates soon.
stay posted.


Spankin New Music.

Cassie ft. Diddy "Must be Love"
Free Download LINK

Fat Joe Ft. Akon "One"

Envy? yes.

Jimmy Choo
CorsicaLeather sandal
I'm pretty sure these will have you goin Choo Choo.
From the S/S 09 collection.
The sandals feature cage design, leather sole,
Once you walked in the leather sole.
Nothin else can compare.
I swear.
Get these @: Jimmy Choo Shoes


It's all good.

Be Happy.
Have a nice day!

... and once again.


Talent is God given.
Be humble.
Fame is man-given.
Be grateful.
Conceit is self-given.
Be careful.
"...I fell asleep with this beat on repeat
Repetitive loop-life seems to greet me
I'm trying to be a better woman
please believe me
Ready and god
willing if you ready to teach me... "


Kanye West x Louis Vuitton Sneaker

Kanye West’s Louis Vuitton High Top Sneaker
For Sneakers is looking like HIGH END fashion brands are taking over the charts.
making their own beats, n dancing to their own drums,
specially with Kanye as one of the contributors.
Props to Louis Vee for
expanding their costumer targets...


Selena Flashback

Nena you will always be remembered

because still to this day you keep inspiring.

Rest in peace.


How Sweet ahyy Mami!

Vainilla/ Chocolate Concha Fuzzies

Churro Make-up Bag
Approximately 3" H x 6" W

(grunts) aghyy.
This "churro" will curl you up.
Xochico introduces a series of "PAN DULCE"
or Sweet Bread, the kind of bread you can find at a Mexican bakery.
If you try it you would want more.
They also make woman's & men's print tees, with a variety of other accessories like
coin bags, backpacks and more for ridiculously cheap prices.
get some CARIÑO in your life.
From Cali these rising Mexican-inspired designs
"reviews as a trendsetter in the bi-cultural market."
Pronounced "Zo-chee-ko", Xochico* itself is a hybrid word, taking the Nahuatl root "Xochi" ("flower") and "co" (for company) to form "Xochico".

electrik currents.

Amber Rose vs. Kanye West

But really tho.
Amber, Kanye's new girlfriend. she's killin it.
n just in case yr wondering her nationality...
She is half italian and half Cape Verdean.


The Dreamm Ft. Mariah Carey - My love

Put a ring on it.

I happen to run into this when i decided to approach my own jewelry idea.
this is some kind of inspiration,
Jana Brevick
Circulate Ring
in fabricated sterling silver
and fine silver with parts
from an operator's headset,
dated 1949


Liaung-Chung Yen
Changeability Ring
sterling silver and plastic.
Interchangeable top
and base sold separately.

Genevieve Yang Moonstone
ring in fine silver, sterling silver,
and 24k gold.
Monika Krol
Ring, RingRing in 14k gold,
19k gold and found objects.

Barbie is 50 yrs old.

The Kiss Necklace
in sterling silver, platic,
and epoxy resin.
* plese inquire
Smile Bracelet
in Sterling Silver, Plastic
and Resin.
* $ 968.00
Ken's six pack abs Ring
in Sterling Silver, Plastic and
*please inquire.

The 50Th anniversary having Barbie
as one of those toys that still to this day
have an impact on kids and even our society.
No lie this plastic little woman has been around that long.

Artist Margaux Lange from Brooklyn makes the jewelery from recycled barbies.
I'm not much of a princess.
but love her or not Barbie still stands. So i give it to Margaux for the creativity and wit.


Gladiator Sandal - Yellow
Leather and Suade multiple strap sandal with open back detail.
Leather sole, avaliable in yellow & black

Dunks New Releases


"Nothing great is achieved without passion. It is in the ability to live beyond the reasonable that life becomes an art."