KillaVee's Debut @ Winter '10 Houston Sneaker Summit

I have been attending the Houston Sneaker Summit
for quite some yrs now,
back then it was in the most low key venue.
It was a smaller crowd and was very concentrated with true sneaker "Heads" lol

My first time there was like a kid at a candy store.
That's when exclusive sneakers were in the purest form,
I even remember thinking to myself...
"It would sooooooooooo cool if I could be a part of this event and sell my tees!
people would appreciate them more here then from the trunk of my car!
Well, at least that's what my father kept suggesting. ha ha.

This time around this was possible thanks to a couple of very important people.
One of them being January Blaq* a very talented music artist.
Check him out, you won't regret that you did.

It is crucial to keep your goals in perspective & work towards that,
nothing is impossible.
One great dude I met n spoke to that made such a huge impact on me is the inspiration and motivation to keep creating, was Levi Maestro.
Who knew he would be the nicest n sweetest! THANKS for the shirt, Levi.

My journey is not yet finished, I am just getting started.

To all the folks that supported KillaVee's: THANK YOU!
You are truly, greatly appreciated. I have more in store for you;
Definitely expect new limited items and designs
this summer, for we're coming harder & better prepared.
We will have goodies for all.

Side Note:
The online store will be up & running within a few weeks.
It will include paintings, bracelets,
and of course, Men's & Women's tees.
If you have any questions
or if you'd like for us to contact you
when anything new happens w/us, email me
@ 8killavees@gmail.com

Extra side note:
We have only a few remaining tees
of the designs we sold at the Sneaker Summit,

Remember there are only 25 of each design!
no more. no reprints. Get em while they last.


Mm. I wonder...

...if they know that they're all standing in line for the same pair of shoes..(?)
If I can throw a rock off into the air and there's an 80% chance that it'll land on someone with the same, exact pair of shoes, I thiiiiink..that's a no-go for me^_^;;. Lol.
On the other hand,J's definitely are a collector's item. A lot of folks take it pretty serious & make big cake off them. Nevermind what I have to say;I'm just talking mess,anyways..lol...



...whatever you celebrate, around this time, to you & yours. Me,myself(Jan. Blaq*), I rather give gifts(& etc.) when the situation calls for it or when I can afford to^_^;;..lol...Jusssst saying..Of course,to each his/her own. Either way,have a good one & luv it up.


At times,I'm gulity...

“Many of us spend half our time wishing for things we could have if we didn't spend half our time wishing.


Music Vid: Jay-Z - 'Young Forever' ft. Mr. Hudson

I'll admit that I've never been a heavy Jay fan, but I must say that he surprises me quite often. The songs that I've heard from the Blueprint 3 make it seem good enough to buy;Hell, this video is timeless. It's good to see folks stick to their guns & win big.


Maestro Knows

Maestro Knows - Episode 1 (9th Wonder) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

Definitely one of my favorite producers, and thanks to Maestro I just grew more respect for 9Th Wonder. Teaching?

what a great way to contribute to this generation, by teaching them a subject with such important substance, in the music world that is. Specially with a teacher like this.

need to enroll!

Versace Woman Spring/Summer 2010 Footwear

Well DAMN, Soooo, We're elevating?

Apparently platform is one of the main elements of these 2010 summer/spring designs. They are high fashion designers and the fact is that taller is always better right?

What's best but to be taller then your boyfriend or your dad? haha

But as a matter of fact I'm very much happy with my 5'1 6/8 ft. of height, & if I wear any of these shoes i would automatically the tallest woman alive measuring 15341'10 ft. tall How about it? Who's standing on top of shit now, huh?

Just askin!




men are the new women.

I want to take the time to repost this entry from Married to the Mob that brough certain feelings into play while reading..

This might just be the most random entry EVER! or, maybe not
so what i really feel the need to inform ppl of these little annoying everyday problems women have with most men.

Boy oh boy, do men get it twisted sometimes! Lately the argument of being 'high maintenance' has been popping up around me, and I find it to be a really good topic of discussion, and even more so, a wonderful look at the split between female/male perspectives.

Before I really begin, I'd like to classify what my idea of being 'high maintenance' means. It throws off the balance of a relationship and puts the focus on the woman (not that men can't be high maintenance either) who will later end up being resented by the man, and ultimately herself. Unless of course your man is a bitch who likes to get stomped on. A truly high maintenance girl isn't ever happy unless she has 'her shit'. So it's not what she wants that makes her a bitch, but it's how she reacts when she can't get it. Of course that doesn't mean I'm necessarily backing a girl who says 'Daddy I want the Pony and the Benzo now!" just because she says 'love ya' afterwards. I'll explain...

I spent many evenings watching my father impatiently grow angrier as my Mom would rifle through her closet looking for something to wear so they could go out. I'd tell him to be patient, but I also didn't like it when he'd get mad, so I'd run back and fourth between them, hinting to my Mom, "Dads getting mad!" She would sigh and I could see the desperation in her eyes, all she was really trying to do was to look good, and he was responsible for that in some part. I mean what woman doesn't want to look foxy for her man? Generally he'd 'go wait in the car', which was the most stressful thing ever because we all knew he wasn't happy in there. And sometimes he'd even honk. I'm cringing just thinking about it. But back then, I didn't understand why she had to change a thousand times either. Now, even if I'm just getting ready for work, it can take 10 different tries, 2 freakouts, and maybe even some shed tears before I'm out the door. Men have to just accept that women do this sometimes. There's broads out there that will say 'pfff, well I'm right out the door in 2 minutes'. Yeah, good for you bitch, but some women don't got it like that. And if you're not struggling with clothes, then maybe your struggle is putting your face on in the bathroom. Regardless, whatever your routine is to get ready must be accepted. Don't let a dude try and trick you into making you think you're 'acting' high maintenance or 'like such a girl'. Just tell them to shut the fuck up and be patient. He wont be complaining when your coconut-scented titties and shiny, bouncy, blown-out hair are dangling in his face.

Another situation where the term comes in is when you just expect your man to do certain nice things because he is in fact, your man. I got into a few little spats with my boyfriend over that, I'll share an example. One morning he went to get us breakfast while I was getting ready for work, which is a really sweet initiative. The next morning I was getting ready again, he was sleepy, and I said something along the lines of 'baby I'm hungry'. He then called me annoying. I was upset, obviously. The way I saw it, he'd done it the day before and seemed pleased to do so, so why not again?

Sometimes I think the problem comes from how I saw my Father as a child. I was a Daddy's girl, he always had these little gentlemanly touches - like walking on the side of the street and always giving me the first sip - that I feel entitled to today. But then again, I shouldn't feel that I'm asking for a lot by expecting that shit. And there's no double standard, because I understand mens primal needs too. That's why I encourage baking pies in nothing but a lace apron and insist my man put his feet up when he gets home from a long day at work while I grind the weed and pack it up.

You can't argue that this is old fashioned thinking either, I don't care that men are the new women and that they're bitchier than ever. Make your fucking woman happy without whining about it and making us feel like we're pulling teeth. There's always plenty of other bones out there who won't have a problem getting a chick some coffee or doing the dishes. Isn't it ironic how the biggest low-life dead beat dudes always talk about how they want to marry bitches like Megan Fox and Kate Moss. You think we're high maintenance? HA! Pete Doherty did get in there though...

(Via: MOB)


new music

Kid Cudi - “Cudderisback” (Freestyle)
download HERE