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Free dopery, courtesy of St. Louis-slash-Kansas City-slash-Houston's own January Blaq*.
Independence is just..plain..koo'...
Click the pic to inhale..lol...


kick ass strokes

Jab Strong Fierce - Street Fighter Tribute Show

Who doesn't like street fighter??
even if you're no killin ass player!

enjoy these paintings full of action!

The Monster - Christian Ward

The Monster - Christian Ward

Flash Kick - Anthony Wu
Oh! My Car - David Jien
Hyakuretsukyaku (Lightning Kick) - Luke Chueh
Elena - Khylov

The Hero - Christian Ward
Pre-Fight - Rodney Fuentebella

Street Fighter Kids - Kei Acedera


you sooo lyin'

Microsoft's new attemp to advertise Microsoft Office 2010

I'm sure you'll laugh at least once,



Southern Gold
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Paper Wins!

Killavee's Paper Monster Series of handmade Tees.
This is 3 of 8, sooooo hurry and catch one of the last 5...
goin goin goin...
not gone yet, but they wil soon.


newly weds?

Correct me if I'm wrong but rumor says that these love birds tied the not about 2 weeks ago in Las Vegas!
Good for them.
they are also on the cover of the last issue of Vibe magazine;
this issue might not even be on stands.
Well look at that..
Not too sure bout all the love in the pictures but she looks good as always.

"Believe that constant critical exercises & sharing
an intellectually stimulant environment
with a group of artist is crucial factors in this developing process."
- Andressa Valentin


blue hue

Rose's are red?
or blue?