Off the record.

Side Note: I miss The Simpson's.

they had SAP.

If you ever listened to em in Spanish... Hella funny.

this just in...

There is a virus that is being passed on from human to human.
its called Swine flu... Its a different kind of flu.
All i want to say is watch this video
so you can be a little bit more informed about whats going on & why..
sill up on the antibacterial soaps n hand sanitizers.
They're out of stock in Mexico....


Paule Marrot x Nike

Skinny Dunk.

Nike Sportswear collabs with French textile designer Paule Marrot Editions Once loved by the British royal family and Jackie Kennedy.
Since 1920 these textile designer have been making the most beautiful designs.
And of course for who?
Well, for the ladies. The Skinny Dunk is Nike Sportswear’s caters to us not just with these nice colorways, patterns but also with comfort and a better fit.
Yes Ma'am
Simple n cute. That's all authenticity
Nike Skinny Dunk Hi will be available exclusively...
When: May 2ND
Where to find: Nike Sportswear @ 21 Mercer &
@ The Montalban

Maestro Knows Episode #5 & 6

Maestro Knows - Episode 5 (Dom Kennedy) from

Maestro Knows

I'm falling a Lil behind. so to make you Oh SOOO happy.

Here is the last two.

Maestro Knows - Episode 6 (Air Yeezy Skate) from

Maestro Knows



I'm sure you have already heard most of these tracks, but just in case you missed em'.
get the like to Download HERE.

  1. Diamonds
  2. Poke Her Face (Feat. Kid Cudi, Common, Lady Gaga)
  3. We Fight, We Love (Feat. Q-Tip, Consequence)
  4. Maybach Music 2 (Feat. Rick Ross, T-Pain, Lil Wayne)
  5. Flight School (Feat. T-Pain, GLC)
  6. Amazing (Remix) (Feat. The Dream, Young Jeezy, Christina Milian)
  7. Imma Be Iight (Feat. Lil Wayne, Joe Young)
  8. Doing Girls Wrong
  9. Knock You Down (Feat. Keri Hilson, Ne-Yo)
  10. Walking On The Moon (Feat. The Dream)
  11. Go Hard (Remix) (Feat. Lil Wayne, Jay-Z)
  12. I’m The Shit (Remix)
  13. Oprah Story
  14. Kinda Like A Big Deal (Feat. Clipse)
  15. Ego (Remix) (Feat. Beyonce)


I see YOU!

The 15Th issue featuring the famous Yeezy's glow-in-the-dark sole.on the cover of the sneaker freaker mag.
this issue is OUT! not in retailer tho.
Sooo, pre-order n get it From the SneakerFreaker site.


Fall/ Winter 2009 Nike Releases

This is a super huge Nike fall/winter 2009 pictorial of many of the releases in the months to come...

These include dunks, blazers =], air max, some hybrids, and many more.

Start putting some change in the piggy bank.

via. euk



Maestro Knows - Episode 4 (Estevan Oriol) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

Soo, im a lil late on the post... But, i got you. Maestro is just on the roll

This is the fourth episode of Maestro Knows.

So far so good.

I like how he captures the personalities of each of his guests... I'll have you updated with these... cuz... MAESTRO KNOWS!!!!



Kidz In The Hall feat. Estelle "Love Hangover" Director: Ethan Lader from ethandirector on Vimeo.

I happen to Really like this song.

Just Because.

Drake - Best I ever had

Download click the LINK

Also Drake's first Radio Interview
with Angie.


Puma Monster pack.
these fieriest ones will tear the roof...

Inspired from the classic Japanese movies circa 1950-70.

Puma's Clyde, Stepper, Mid & first round models have been decked out with fur, scales, horns, mirrored leather, nuts, bolts, & eyes to resemble King Kong, Godzilla, Mothra, KING Ghidorah and Mecha-Godzilla.

Via: Livestock


"Truth that is naked is the most beautiful, and the simpler its expression the deeper is the impression it makes"


Soso Fresh...

Sophia Fresh,
a new upcomin female group under
T-pain's Label...
They're pretty hot & on fire. ha
Here's a lil taste of what they sound like ..
Drop it-
To listen or download LINK

They be on that bull...

Nina Sky - On Some Bull


Music that comes from the heart.

True Hip-Hop Stories: Homeless Emcee

Side Note:

Why are people so blind to so many issues in the world and then wonder why things go wrong in their "world". I'm just saying... Allot of the time the same issues affect all of us, & taking the time to actually care about someone else other then yourself makes this place a better world to live in if we all would cooperate. I have respect for people who live in the streets and are still enthusiastic about the better things to come. They make me appreciate what i DO have.



Keyshia cole for King magazine


kicks n chicks

Dedicated to all the sneaks fanatics.
From Playboy to you./

1 picture = 1,000 words


Bun B goes in.


Cover Story

I'm not too sure about my opinion on the subject. But one thing i do know...
Wayne works his life away. He is on the cover of Rollin Stone isn't he?
Sometimes you might not even need talent to get place.
It is perseverance that boosts you to the top,
Consistency, over the top...
There you have it.
Weezy pullin' another one out the sleeve.


Sat. 04/04/09 the Livestock Toronto store & west 4Th locations
[a few of those select shops]will be releasing the much anticipated
Signature shoe from KANYE WEST.
Since Ye' is the 1st non-athlete to receive this signature sneaker.
they are expecting lineups upon release day
Early arrival is strongly suggested..
...& dont forget have yr $215 on hand.